USQ – Change Makers Installation

Posted by Damien Mitaros | March 14th, 2014 | No responses

USQ were looking for a fun and interactive way to engage with year 11 and 12 high school students who were involved in their Change Makers program. DigitalHappy was contracted by Decoder, local creative agency, for the development of this interactive piece.

The concept revolved around a “selfie” and integrating this functionality into a small web app that would run on an iPad. The setup included 3 iPads, a laptop running as a webserver, a Wi-Fi router and 2 large projectors.

Students logged into the web app using their ID that had been sent to them in a direct marketing campaign. Selected an inspirational word then took a photo using the front or rear camera on the iPad. This data was processed on the webserver where the photo was desaturated and the inspirational word superimposed.

The processed images were displayed as a slideshow on 2 large projectors in the lecture theatre throughout the day.

This installation was successfully used at the Springfield, Toowoomba and Fraser Coast campuses.


changeMaker1 changeMaker2 changeMaker3